T-Mobile bungled iPhone 13 rebates, admits bug caused wrongful rejections

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T-Mobile has been incorrectly rejecting rebate requests from customers who purchased new iPhones, according to an article yesterday by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. T-Mobile acknowledged the problem and said it is being fixed.

Gurman experienced the problem himself when he traded in an iPhone 12 Pro Max for an iPhone 13 Pro Max. He was promised a $790 credit from Apple for trading in his year-old iPhone “plus $500 in bill credits over several months” from T-Mobile. Getting the trade-in credit from Apple was quick and easy, but T-Mobile denied rebate requests from Gurman and people who made similar iPhone upgrades.

Gurman submitted the iPhone rebate request to T-Mobile on September 27 and received T-Mobile’s rejection last week. In the replies to Gurman’s tweet showing a screenshot of the rejection notice, about 20 other people reported getting similar denials from T-Mobile.

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