Superliminal Review (PS4)

Is it a plane? Is it a twister? Is it big? Is it small? Is it Portal? Is it The Stanley Parable? Yes it is and well no, it is not – it all depends where are you looking from. “It” is Superliminal, a new take on puzzle games, a title that combines the best features of the games that came before, proving to be a must-have for all the fans of the genre.

In other words, if you liked Portal of The Stanley Parable you will love Superliminal. If you have lived under a rock and somehow managed to avoid any contact with the new generation of puzzle games, this title is the best way to catch up with what you have missed.

The basic elements remain the same in all the representatives of this new wave of puzzle games: first-person view, a more or less elaborate story that constitutes the motivation to go and solve tons of puzzles, and a setting that makes the whole package believa… (read more)

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