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Sunny Optical Becomes Largest iPhone Wide-Camera 7P Lenses Supplier

Apple is getting ready to take the wraps off a new iPhone generation in September this year, and needless to say, the cameras will most likely receive substantial improvements.

Most of the wide-camera 7P lenses for the iPhone 14 will come from Sunny Optical, the Chinese tech company that’s rather new in the Apple supply chain.

Having partnered with Apple last year, Sunny Optical is therefore expected to surpass Largan and Genius, therefore becoming the largest wide-camera 7P lens supplier for the new iPhone generation. If everything goes according to the plan, the company has big chances to become the leading support of ToF lenses for the iPhone 15.

“The shipment allocation of Sunny Optical’s high-end wide 7P lens (used in two high-end iPhone 14 Pro) and lower-end wide 7P lens (used in two lower-end iPhone 14) was 50–60% and 55- 65%, respectively. The proportion of the supply of Largan and Genius is about the same. Sunny Optical’s capacity has increased significan… (read more)

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