Suicide Squad Creator Cameos in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad’s “red band” trailer hit today to near-universal praise. The short trailer was so full of characters and lines that it would be easy to miss even a big Easter egg, so director James Gunn called out his favorite on Twitter.

The cameo was called out first by comics writer (and top-tier Twitter troll) Gail Simone, who has previously worked on Suicide Squad.

“Did you see him in the trailer?” Gunn wrote. “It only makes sense that the actual creator of [The Suicide Squad] is the one to put the bombs in the their heads (and it helped that John Ostrander was actually a former actor.)” You’re not going to know Ostrander from anything, as he was a theater actor up until the early 1980s, when he moved into writing comics. Since then he’s written stories about the Suicide Squad, Batman, Aquaman, the Punisher, the X-Men, and a whole bunch of Star Wars comic books.

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