Steven Spielberg Didn’t Work On The Harry Potter Movies For Very Long

In an interview for the April issue of Empire, English film producer David Heyman–who had the foresight to secure the film rights to the entire run of Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling back in 1999–provides answers for many of the longest running questions fans have had about the films.

For example, Heyman finally clarifies how far along Steven Spielberg actually got in working to adapt the books into a film–which is not very. “We never got far in developing the books with Spielberg,” Heyman says, noting that the director had read the first draft of Philosopher’s Stone. “I had a meeting one-on-one with him at his office, which was amazing… But my sense was that he wanted to talk about it, but I don’t think he ever wanted to pursue it. I think he had other projects at the time.”

That characterization is consistent with comments Spielberg has made in the past, as when in 2012 he told the BBC (via DigitalSpy) that his “kids thought [he] was crazy” to have dropped out, although Spielberg’s memory was he was offered the job, and “developed it for about five or six months.”

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