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Steam scammers allegedly steal and sell indie dev’s free Unreal “Superman” demo

A video of Butler-Boschma’s Unreal Engine 5 demo, which he posted in April.

Back in April, indie developer Tyson Butler-Boschma released a free, Unreal Engine 5-powered “Superman Style Flight Experience” on Now, he says scammers have been selling a stolen version of that demo on Steam for weeks without permission or any apparent action from Valve.

Heroes City Superman Edition launched on Steam on November 1, with developer Hero Game Studios describing the game as “a unique experience where you can choose your own hero and have an adventure on a large realistically prepared map.” Since then it has been sold for up to $35 despite appearing to be a carbon-copy of Butler-Boschma’s longstanding free demo.

After noting the Steam version as a “scam” in a November 1 tweet, Butler-Boschma posted a November 9 Steam review alleging that Steam developer Hero Game Studios “just downloaded, stole, and passed this work off as their own.”

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