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Steam Review – the Launcher for PC Gaming

Steam is PC gaming’s premier storefront. It’s attained a sort of special status over the years, both on the drives and in the minds of numerous users, so much so that PC gaming itself is nigh synonymous with Valve’s storefront. It figures that, to reach this level of popularity, you’ll need some potent, well-designed software.

At its base, Steam is a game launcher with some amenities on top. Users have their digital library, which they can populate with titles available from the Store tab. While the saying that, if a game is on PC, it’s probably on Steam is less true these days — owing to some particular publisher exclusivity deals — it nevertheless is the biggest storefront on PC.

Despite continued efforts from numerous competitors, there’s hardly any give to Steam’s presence on the PC gaming market. Competition came and went, yet Valve’s platform never wavered in terms of user base: on the contrary, there’s an uptrend in the number of users.

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