Star Wars: Squadrons Balance Update Out Now, Doesn’t Require A Download

A new update is out now for EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons, delivering some balance changes to the space combat game for a series of different ships. In total, three major starfighters are getting changes to their balance to provide a “healthier meta” for top-tier players, EA said. If the balance changes work out like EA hopes they will, the wider playerbase should not be negatively impacted by these updates.

Starting off, the TIE defender sees a change so its rapid power management becomes more costly, without nerfing the rest of its stats too much. On top of that, available ammo is being reduced.

The B-wing, meanwhile, sees its boost max speed increased from 200 to 210, while shields are increased by 100. The boost loss rate has been cut by one third. “We’re aiming to give the B-wing better ability to reach combat around objectives faster while still having a bit of boost in reserve if power is managed well,” EA said of the changes.

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