STALKER 2 Video Shows Off Seriously Impressive Graphics

The developers of STALKER 2 have offered an update on the much-anticipated game with a new diary video, which comes shortly before the game was scheduled to appear at the ID@Xbox Showcase.

Rather than show a full new trailer, the team at GSC Game World opted to give an up-close look at some of the models you’ll see in the game. These include costumes, and the boots you can see near the beginning of the video are impeccably detailed. There is texture on everything, ranging from worn leather on the sides to fabric on the straps. The characters themselves look fairly terrifying, waging war in a nuclear-apocalyptic environment while wearing huge gas masks.

There will be several different factions in STALKER 2, each fighting for dominance and furthering their own ideologies. Because of the time that has passed, there are more factions this time around.

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