Spotify Will Try to Guess How You Feel and Play the Right Music

Spotify is currently the world’s number one music streaming service, and this means the company has the big responsibility of investing in more and more innovations that would experience the listening experience for customers across the world.

And as it turns out, Spotify has found a way to make sure you’re always listening to the right music.

According to a report, Spotify has recently patented a new technology that will allow the service to determine your mood and play the right music.

For example, the mobile application will be able to listen to your intonation, stress, and rhythm to determine if you are happy, angry, sad, or neutral, Depending on its finding, it would start playing different music, all in an attempt to match your mood.

Just a patent for the time being

Spotify already offers different playlists based on the mood of the … (read more)

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