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Spotify Upgrades Free Trial Offer to 3 Months

Spotify has just announced that free and first-time users are now being provided with a 3-month trial, up from a single month until now.

In other words, if you want to experience the benefits of Spotify Premium without paying, you can now try out the service for not one, not two, but three full months.

Spotify says that those who have previously been customers of Spotify Premium can also get a three-month subscription for just $9.99, so they have to pay less than $4 a month. Spotify typically charges $9.99 per month for access to Spotify Premium.

Three months free, then $9.99 per month for Premium

The three-month trial is available for users who have never paid Spotify Premium or canceled the Premium plan before July 15.

“If you’re a first-time subscriber, you’re eligible for three months of free Spotify Premium. That means unlimited skips, the ability to play any song you want, and no ads between songs,” Spotify explains.

“If you have already … (read more)

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