Space Punks’ Third Patch Makes It Easier for Players to Play Together

Space Punks, the free-to-play looter-shooter is getting its third Early Access patch this week. Dubbed The Friendly One, the patch is meant to make it easier for players to play together. Basically, the update further improves matchmaking and other social aspects of the game.

Just like the previous two updates, the third patch mainly focuses on backend improvements, as well as technical overhauls to systems meant to make the player experience smoother. Additionally, the recent patch upgrades the system behind parties, so it should be easier to join, stay in, leave and rejoin. It’s also easier to invite players you have previously grouped with to your hub world of Devil’s Gambit.

This update provides players of Space Punks the opportunity to really explore the multiplayer aspect of the game and delivers on one of the core tenets of the living game we want Space Punks to become. A community driven game where player feedback is integral to the design process, and… (read more)

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