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Space Punks’ Latest Patch Adds a New Planet to Explore, New Features

Flying Wild Hog’s free-to-play looter-shooter Space Punks continues to expand with new location and gameplay features. The biggest patch since the launch of the Open Beta back in April, “The SpOiled One” brings a new planet for players to explore, a respawn feature, as well as new HUD and a slew of bug fixes.

The dusty and oily planet Spor is now part of the game, so players are invited to explore an environment full of new hazards and challenges. Three Get-A Job missions and two challenging Timed Events are coming with the update too.

Also, the respawn feature is now available to all modes apart from “the Crack.” After they are killed in the game, players fall and enter Spectator Mode, and will automatically respawn after a countdown unless revived by a party member. Each automatic respawn increases the respawn times. However, if all player fall at the same time, the mission will fail.

We promised the community Spor, and now we have delivered! Space Punks co… (read more)

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