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South of the Circle Review (PC)

I watch as Clara talks with a college colleague about demonstrations, mutually assured destruction, and the possibility that life on Earth will end in nuclear fire. My version of Peter is a bit reserved, unable to openly talk about his feelings, and focused on getting through situations with as little conflict as possible. I make him say something bland about the need to focus on his work rather than on anti-war marches. I suffer the withering reply coming from Clara’s college and hope that I will have a chance to explain myself and my actions. But the game pushes forward, leaving me as the player feeling that it has missed something important, and pushing Peter back into the snow and ice, fighting for his survival.

South of the Circle is developed by State of Play and published by 11 bit studios. I played on the PC via Steam, with the game also offered on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and S, and older platforms from Sony and Microsoft. T… (read more)

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