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Soulstice Preview (PC)

Much can be said about Soulstice, Reply Game Studios’ upcoming action hack’n’slash game, but one thing is clear: it’s going to surprise everyone. Showcased last year at E3, Soulstice made a comeback this year when it also announced a release date: September 20.

I had the chance to play a preview build (Steam demo) of Soulstice in June and my excitement toned down a bit. I still love the game, but I equally loathe the camera orientation. Soulstice plays from a third-person perspective, but the camera angles are so awkward that many times you won’t be able to see the enemies attacking you.

The demo offers a pretty good glimpse of what Soulstice is all about. Although it’s pretty short (about 30 minutes), it’s a relevant slice of the game that introduces players to the world of Keidas, and even contains a pretty cool boss fight.

Heavily inspired by anime series like Claymore and Berserk, Soulstice’s … (read more)

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