Sony Reveals the Last Games to Join PlayStation Now Before the PS Plus Merger

Sony will be restructuring its premium PlayStation Plus service to provide fans of its gaming platform with an alternative to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Although many see the upcoming subscription service as a thing of its not instead of an Xbox Game Pass competitor, there have been many voices claiming they would have expected a much more appealing outcome from the restructure.

That being said, there’s been a lot of controversy (and confusion) surrounding one particular PlayStation Plus tier that allowed owners of PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions to be automatically moved to the most expensive tier of the new service without paying any extra. Pricewise, the move was in their favor, which lead to many customers stacking prepaid subscriptions to PlayStation now, hoping the $60 per-year service would convert to the upcoming $120 per-year PlayStation Plus Premium.

Last week, Sony put an end to the loophole and stopped allowing customers to redeem prepaid PlayStation … (read more)

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