Sony Outs a New PlayStation 3 Console Firmware – Download Version 4.89

Sony has made available a new firmware package compatible with its PlayStation 3 gaming systems, namely PS3 Software Update 4.89, which enhances account protection by requiring a device password when connecting to PlayStation Network.

In addition to that, take into account that creating an account and certain management features will no longer be available on the console. Instead, you will have to use a computer or a mobile browser to access these features (thus improving performance, speed, and safety).

That said, if you intend to upgrade your console to this release, save the downloadable package, create a “PS3/UPDATE” path onto an initialized flash drive and transfer the “PS3UPDAT.PUP” file into the newly-created “UPDATE” folder.

Now, insert the drive into your PS3, go to Settings → System Update → Update via Storage Media, and the console will do the rest. First it will search and recognize the 4.89 firmware, and afterward, it will automatically initiate the u… (read more)

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