Sony Confirms PS4 Pro Has Been Discontinued In Japan

It’s normal for console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft to discontinue their previous-generation consoles after the arrival of the next-gen, but it appears that process may be faster this time than in previous generations. As reported by the Japanese outlet GameWatch and translated by VGC, Sony has discontinued every model of the PS4 except for the standard Jet Black 500GB PS4 Slim.

Most notably, this includes the more-powerful PS4 Pro. According to GameWatch, once the PS4s are sold, you won’t be able to buy one at retail or online anymore, and Sony will use the production capacity to make more PS5s. At $400, the PS4 Pro is the same price as the digital edition of the PS5.

Though it’s unclear if the PS4 Pro will be discontinued in Western territories, it’s likely just a matter of time. As the outlet VGC reported back in December, the PlayStation Direct Store briefly stated that they would no longer offer PS4 Pro consoles for sale, though the notice was removed after outlets reported on the news.

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