Sonic Movie Sequel Set Images Include Knuckles And Tails

It’s already been well-documented that production has officially begun on the movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in British Columbia and Fort Langley, and eagle-eyed fans have recently been taking and publishing photos and videos that potentially provide some of the first solid information about the film. At the end of the first movie’s teaser, it was revealed that Tails would be in the next film–but one fan’s photos show props of Sonic, Tails, and also Knuckles (who hadn’t yet been announced).

Additionally, another video has been released online by a fan seemingly showing Jim Carrey attached to a crane, apparently reprising his role as Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik. This footage, presented as-is, doesn’t make for the most thrilling insights into the film (the video is filmed from a great distance), but both serve as solid confirmations of what characters will be in the film. Check out the fan footage below, and note that the stationary props will later be replaced by CGI characters–these are there for their human actor counterparts to have a reference when performing.

The first Sonic movie, released in 2020, proved a resounding success despite a bumpy start in 2019 with a polarizing first trailer that ultimately forced Sonic to be redesigned. The film went on to make $148.9 million in the US and to become the highest-grossing game adaptation ever in the country, overtaking Detective Pikachu. Globally, however, Sonic made $319.7 million, which lags behind Detective Pikachu ($433 million) and Warcraft ($439 million).

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