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Sonic Frontiers Review (PS5)

Sonic Frontiers is yet again a reinvention of the world-famous franchise, trying to make it relevant again for the current generation of players. In the hope of achieving a crowd pleaser, the developers tried to stitch together different elements and styles, many of them not seeming to mix very well. Can Sonic outrun the expectations, or will they clean him out of his precious rings?

In the last years, SEGA did not really manage to rise to the expectations of its fans. With few exceptions, its latest games receiving mixed reviews at best. Frontiers has the really difficult task of making us forget about the bad taste in our mouths when we pronounce the name of the fastest hedgehog in the world, and please as many fans as possible. The result is a game made of completely different layers mixed together in the hope of baking up something delicious. It’s like developers thought anyone who like Sonic games will find something to love in Frontiers.

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