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Soccer Story Review (PC)

I pick up the ball in defense, after a solid sliding tackle that makes my adversary dizzy for a few seconds. I launch it up the pitch, aiming for my second fast player, who uses a burst of speed to move past his defender, before launching a thunderous strike toward the other team’s goal.

Their goalkeeper does very well to push it away and the ninja’s defender is faster than me to the rebound. So I take my avatar, move back, track their player, and slide again. Unfortunately, he lets off a pass and puts one of their strikers in a good position. Thankfully, my own keeper is up to the challenge.

He not only parries the strike but also gathers up the ball. Quick distribution gets it to one of my defenders, who plays a quick pass up the field. The burst of speed again serves me well and a quick one-two puts me in a good position. I finesse my shot this time to make sure it’s a goal.

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