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Snapchat’s Dual Camera offers fun new ways to capture moments

Snapchat’s latest update, “Dual Camera,” allows creators to use the front and rear cameras to film content simultaneously. The update is undoubtedly a response to the social media app BeReal, which has become popular over the past few months and captures moments using the front and rear cameras. The Snapchat update arrives to supported iOS devices today and will roll out to Android handsets over the coming months.

With the new update, Snapchat users will see a new option when they tap the camera toolbar. Dual Camera has four different layouts. Users can position the camera in vertical or horizontal orientation, and there is also a picture-in-picture mode. A cutout layout will take whatever is captured on the rear camera and set it as a background. So while the BeReal trend might have inspired Snapchat, it is thinking of new ways to utilize dual camera functionality in its app. Furthermore, creators will still be able to take advantage of the app’s creator tools and add music, stickers, and lenses.

Snapchat isn’t the only taking an interest in this format, as Instagram launched its own dual camera feature in July and is now currently internally testing a more fleshed out experience. Despite its newfound popularity, BeReal actually launched back in 2020. For close to a year, it didn’t really gain any traction. But more recently, in 2022, it has done really well, landing at the top spot in the Top Free Apps section of the iOS App Store. The app keeps things simple, challenging its users to capture and upload authentic moments. It does this by randomly notifying users at different times each day to take a photo and share it within two minutes. From here users can react to the posts using comments or RealMojis.

There is no telling how long this trend will last, but regardless, the competition isn’t hesitating to capitalize. If you are interested in trying the new feature, you can head to the iOS App Store to download Snapchat. As stated above, the update is only currently available for iOS and will arrive to Android later.

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