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Snapchat can finally be accessed through a browser, but it will cost you

It has been ten years since the release of Snapchat. Since then, the company has expanded the app’s capabilities, moved into the hardware space with drones and glasses, and has taken on competitors old and new. Perhaps unique to Snapchat was its inability to access content directly from the web using a browser.  Users were forced to install the app to share, communicate, or view content. This is different from other social platforms like TikTok or Instagram.  Today that will finally change as Snap Inc. has announced that for the first time, Snapchat will be accessible from a computer.

Snapchat will finally be accessible on the web. The interface will look similar to the app.

Snapchat for Web gives over 300 million users a new way to connect to the service. Users will have access to chats and can reply seamlessly from either a web browser or the app. Not only that, Snapchat’s voice and video calling services will also be available when accessed through a browser. The company is focused on its core features for the moment and has stated that it will bring Snapchat’s popular AR Lenses to the platform later. As a bit of a bummer, the service will only be available to those enrolled in Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat Web access for $3.99

Snapchat Plus was launched last month and is a new paid subscription service that gives users early access to features and some experimental content. Users paying the $3.99 monthly fee can pin conversations and see who has rewatched their story. Since the subscription service is in its infancy, there are very few features to relish, but more should arrive in the future.

If interested in Snapchat for Web, you’ll need to be a Snapchat Plus user and can have to navigate to From there, you can log in and use the web service. Snap Inc. has cautioned that while it does have some parameters in place to prevent screenshots, there could be ways around this, so always be cautious.

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