Sky Beneath Preview (PC)

Three pressure-activated elevators, facing different potential gravity directions. One cube that always follows initial gravity. The objective is to open a door that opens up a way to reach a distant location. It took me around 20 minutes to figure out the relatively simple set of moves required to solve this early puzzle in Sky Beneath and I had fun doing it.

The title is created by Mindhaven Games and is currently offered on the PC via the Steam Early Access program. It takes elements from both platforming and puzzle-solving to create a new take on both, built around a core gravity manipulating mechanic.

The main character, Cassie, and her partner Annie have reverse engineered alien tech that allows someone to change the direction of the pull of gravity. In practice, this means players can walk on walls and ceilings. A new perspective on environments opens up, which players need to solve the puzzles the game throws at them.


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