Simpsons Writer John Swartzwelder Reveals His Favorite Season And Why He Wrote Homer Like A Dog

The Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder, known for his reclusive nature, has given what is believed to be his first interview about the show following his time on it, and it contains some notable takeaways. He wrote for The Simpsons from its start in 1989 to 2003, and in the new interview with The New Yorker, Swartzwelder touched on what he believes is the best season and why writing Homer as if he was a dog was the best approach.

Swartzwelder wouldn’t be drawn into commenting on what he believes to be the “golden age” of The Simpsons–he said TV historians can debate that–but he commented that Season 3 was the best in his mind.

“I’ve always thought Season 3 was our best individual season. By Season 3 we had learned how to grind out first-class Simpsons episodes with surprising regularity, we had developed a big cast of characters to work with, we hadn’t even come close to running out of story lines, and the staff hadn’t been worn down by overwork yet,” he said. “Season 3 was a fun year to be in the Simpsons writers’ room, and I think it shows in the work.”

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