Silent Hill Returns Soon (Via Dark Deception DLC)

Silent Hill will return in the form of DLC for the indie multiplayer game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals on March 23. While it isn’t the new Silent Hill that fans have been hoping for for years at this point, the DLC does bring back some franchise favorites like Heather Mason, killer nurses, and–of course–Pyramid Head.

The gameplay trailer below shows off the lakeside town’s foggy streets, as well as several locations from the first game, including Midwich Elementary School. Watch out for those flying harpies, though, they’re pretty nasty. The DLC even includes some lesser-known characters from the series, including Silent Hill 1’s cop Cybil Bennett. As a whole, it looks like a fairly substantial chunk of content for the game, though its price is not yet listed on Steam. This isn’t the only Silent Hill crossover that’s happened recently: Pyramid Head and co. were added to Dead by Daylight last year.

Rumors of new Silent Hill projects have swirled over the past few months. The latest flare-up came when series composer Akira Yamaoka seemed to tease a new entry in the series in a video interview that was taken down shortly after it was posted. Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama announced that he’s working on a new horror project late last year. Meanwhile, still redirects to a picture of Pyramid Head, an apparent reference to the height of Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu.

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