Shiny Azumarill Appearing In Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Latest Event

Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s brief April Fools’ Day event featuring nothing but uncatchable Magikarp is over, and a new Easter-themed event is now underway for a limited time. Until April 4, you’ll encounter various rabbit Pokemon in Max Raid dens across both games, including Shiny Azumarill.

Shiny Azumarill will be appearing in five-star Raids throughout the event, although your odds of encountering one will be slim, so you’ll need persistence if you’re hoping to catch one. You’ll also encounter standard Azumarill, Diggersby, Lopunny, and their pre-evolved forms in Raids throughout the event.

Gigantamax Cinderace will be appearing in Max Raids as well during the event. However, unlike the other featured Pokemon, Gigantamax Cinderace is not catchable, although you’ll earn extra candies if you can defeat it. The only way to obtain a Gigantamax Cinderace of your own (outside of receiving one in a trade) is to teach it how to Gigantamax in the Isle of Armor.

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