Shadow Complex Remastered Is Now Backward Compatible On PS5

Shadow Complex Remastered is now playable via backward compatibility on PS5, developer ChAIR Games has announced. According to the tweet, both the PS4 digital versions and the Limited Run Games-published physical edition of the game will now work on PS5.

Shadow Complex Remastered is a highly-regarded Metroidvania that was originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2009, breaking several sales records at the time. The game was remastered and published by co-developer Epic Games and released on every major platform in 2015 and 2016.

Fans have lobbied for a sequel to Shadow Complex for years at this point, but so far their pleas have gone unheeded. In a 2016 interview with GameSpot, ChAIR Games creative director Donald Mustard stated that Shadow Complex 2 already exists in a rough form, but will require at least “a year to a year and a half” of work to complete. Currently, ChAIR Games is working on Spyjinx, an espionage-themed strategy game for mobile devices. Since ChAIR is owned by Epic Games, the beta version of Spyjinx was taken off of the iOS App Store due to the ongoing legal battle between Epic and Apple over Fortnite revenue share.

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