‘Sh-t Is Gonna Hit The Fan’ In Doom Eternal’s Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC, Thanks To A New Weapon

Your opportunities to murder demons in gruesome fashion are getting expanded with the release of Doom Eternal‘s final DLC expansion, The Ancient Gods Part 2. With the final chapter in the story that began with Doom 2016, you’ll add the Sentinel Hammer to your repertoire of weapons, and you can expect it to change up the combat calculus that’s central to the Doom Eternal experience.

As game director Hugo Martin explained, the hammer stuns enemies in the area around you when you use it, while also making enemies drop more resources when you hit them with glory kills or your chainsaw, flamethrower, or ice grenade. That makes the hammer an extremely useful addition to your existing combos for restoring health, armor, and ammo, giving you new opportunities to take down enemies and making your current abilities more powerful, without replacing them or forcing you to rewrite how you play the game. You can use the hammer as you build up “charges” for executing glory kill finishing moves or hitting enemies in their weak points, and as game director Hugo Martin put it, if you’re playing optimally, you’ll be adding the hammer to your move set frequently to make yourself an even more effective killing machine.

“There is this series of actions that the player does that, when they do that, they get into that flow state–they’re burning, they’re ice-bombing, they’re comboing, they’re glory-killing, they’re chainsawing,” Martin said in an interview with GameSpot. “And we always want to reward the player for being in that flow state.”

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