Sea Of Thieves Season 2: Patch Notes, New Forts, And Boatloads Of Cosmetics

The second season for Sea of Thieves is now available for players to access, and brings with it chests full of new content. Besides the expected 100 extra levels of rewards to unlock, scallywags across the seas can expect to find new ways to make some cash, either by trading or fighting.

Looking through the game’s patch notes, players can find a host of bug fixes, as well as some added accessibility options that alter text in-game. However, the real meat of today’s update is the introduction of Forts of Fortune and the addition of new cosmetics. You can find a full list of patch notes down below. The season two update for Sea of Thieves also won’t take up too much space on your various drives. Here are the season two update file sizes on various platforms.

  • Xbox Series X: 5.1 GB

  • Xbox Series S: 3.65 GB

  • Xbox One X: 5.1 GB

  • Xbox One: 3.65 GB

  • Windows 10: 6.39 GB

  • Steam: 4.61 GB

Forts of Fortune are new, more difficult versions of Sea of Thieves’ Skeleton Forts. These islands are marked by an ominous red skull-shaped cloud, and shouldn’t be a common find. Anyone that spots one of these clouds while they’re on the seas should prepare for a long, difficult battle. Players should expect a high number of enemies, including more powerful skeletons such as Captains. However, when Captains are defeated, they also drop items that can assist players through the rest of the fight, including ammo crates, keys to Chests of Rage, and the flame-spewing Ashen Winds Skull. Buccaneers will likely need all these tools to fight off the final waves of enemies, which include Skeleton Lords.

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