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Sci-Fi Survival Sim Stranded: Alien Dawn Announced for PC

From the studio that gave us Surviving Mars, Tropico and Victor Vran, comes Stranded: Alien Dawn, a brand-new sci-fi survival simulator scheduled for release on PC via Steam Early Access this October. Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Frontier Foundry, Stranded: Alien Dawn unfolds the fate of a small group of survivors who must overcome adversity and ensure they can flourish in their strange new surroundings.

The game mixes modular base construction and deep resource management, research, crafting and more. Judging by the announcement and the reveal trailer, this is more of a Valheim meets No Man’s Sky kind of game.

However, you’ll have just one planet at your disposal to try and survive, one that’s plagued by mysterious illnesses, extreme weather, and alien wildlife attacks. Players will have the ability to choose to transform their crash site into a true haven or a fortified compound, salvaging and harvesting nearby resources, which are essential to f… (read more)

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