Sci-Fi Grand Strategy The Pegasus Expedition Coming to PC in 2022

The 4X grand strategy genre has become pretty competitive in the last few years. There are so many great games that belong to this subgenre, such as Stellaris, Galactic Civilizations, Distant Worlds, Humankind, Endless Legend, Civilizations and many more.

But more are coming this year, with The Pegasus Expedition leading the pack. Publisher 1C Entertainment has just announced it has teamed up with indie developer Kalla Gameworks to bring their upcoming 4X grand strategy, The Pegasus Expedition, to PC this year.

The Pegasus Expedition is a story-driven sci-fi grand strategy game set in a key moment for humankind’s survival. Facing an overwhelming threat at home, humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy in a desperate attempt to find a refuge for the population of Earth, only to find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war they inadvertently started.

Players will lead one of these fleets, and their mission will soon transition from exploration to g… (read more)

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