Sands of Salzaar Review (PC)

I run ahead of wolves, crossbowmen, bears, and a militia unit, ready to unleash at least one fireball on my enemies before the lines make contact. After I use around a quarter of my mana, I settle back and let my troops finish the fight. I get a good chunk of money and some supplies, and I am already thinking about the next location I want to visit. Should I try to run a quest for another hero? Maybe escort some caravans? Find some extra resources and raid a few mines? There’s plenty of freedom here and many ways to become rich and powerful.

Sands of Salzaar was put together by Han-Squirrel Studios and published by XD. Gamers can pick it up on Steam on the PC or on the Nintendo-made Switch. The title mixes a wide variety of concepts and delivers a fresh take on the action role-playing game.

The story setup is pretty classic: a major empire has fallen after a cataclysmic battle and many smaller powers have risen to fight over its territory. Players can pick from a v… (read more)

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