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Samsung showcases four new foldable concepts at CES 2022

Samsung is the market leader when it comes to foldable smartphones. The company’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip Z 3 are two of the best foldable smartphones you can buy right now. At CES 2022, the South Korean electronics giant made it clear it’s committed to the foldable future and showcased four new concepts devices, including the Samsung Flex G and Flex Slidable.

First up we have the bi-folding Flex S concept which folds in and out in an S-like shape. The device can be used as a smartphone or tablet depending on how you fold it. The Flex S isn’t exactly new as Samsung first showed off a similar concept at Display Week 2021 back in May last year.

The Flex G, on the other hand, folds inwards twice. Samsung bills it as a more durable option compared to other foldables as the unique G-shaped design protects the display from scratches and external impacts when fully folded.

Beyond smartphone and tablet-oriented designs, Samsung is looking to bring its foldable tech to laptops and notebooks as well. The company’s Flex Note concept is basically a large display that can be folded and carried like a 13-inch laptop. When unfolded it becomes a wide 17-inch monitor.

Finally, the Flex Slidable concept looks quite similar to OPPO X 2021. The device looks and acts just like a standard slab phone but its display rolls out horizontally with a press of the button to increase the real screen estate. Samsung’s demo shows the expanded display area can be used for apps and shortcuts.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed whether it plans to bring any of these foldable concepts on future Samsung phones.

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