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Samsung rolls out October 2022 patches early to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series

Samsung has vastly improved its software update game in recent years, going from one of the worst OEMs for updates to one of the best. Not only the South Korean tech giant has boosted the speed at which it delivers major Android updates to its portfolio, but it’s also become one of the fastest to deliver monthly security patches. Keeping up with this trend, Samsung has now started rolling out the October 2022 security patches to the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S21 series.

Galaxy S22

The October 2022 update has already gone live for the US Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The firmware version for the carrier models is identified as S90xUSQS2AVI1, while for the unlocked variants, it’s identified as S90xU1UES2AVI5.

At the time of reporting, the AVI1 build is available on Comcast and Xfinity Mobile networks. Verizon users are expected to get the OTA soon, as the carrier has already listed the same build on its official software update tracker. As a matter of fact, Verizon’s changelog initially marked this release as the stable One UI 5 rollout, but it has now been corrected.

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Galaxy S21

According to reports on our forums, the Korean OEM has begun rolling out the October 2022 patches to the Galaxy S21 family as well. The update has firmware version G99xBXXS5CVIF for the global Exynos models, while in the US, it comes in the form of G99xUSQS5CVI8 (carrier) / G99xU1UES5CVI8 (unlocked).

Samsung Galaxy S21 October 2022 patch update

Screenshot credit: XDA Senior Member thanito

For the Exynos variant, the new software is currently available in the DBT region, which is Samsung’s codename for Germany. The scale of the rollout event is comparatively broader for the US Snapdragon models. Besides the security patches and bug fixes, the update doesn’t pack any new features or improvements.

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As mentioned above, the update has started hitting the phones in a handful of regions. We expect Samsung to expand the rollout to more countries/carriers over the coming weeks. If you own a Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S21 and reside in the regions mentioned above, look out for the OTA notification. You can also check for the update manually by heading to Settings > Software update and clicking on the Download & Install button.

In case you are no stranger to PC-based flashing, you can skip the waiting queue. To do so, grab the latest release directly from the company’s Firmware Update Server (FUS) and flash it manually on your Galaxy device.

Source: XDA ForumsSamsung Update Server, Verizon (1, 2, 3)

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