Samsung Looks Confused, Responds to Tweet Regarding Sony Xperia

Apple pioneered a new approach in the mobile market a couple of years ago when it decided to sell the iPhone with nothing more than a cable in the box.

Giving up on the charger, Apple said, was something that made perfect sense, pretty much because most people out there already have one at home. And if they don’t, they can always buy one from the Apple Store.

While the world initially received this approach with much criticism, pretty much all mobile companies out there followed suit, giving up on chargers as well.

Samsung is one of them, as the company’s latest flagships also include nothing more than a cable in the box.

Sony, however, has pushed the whole thing a step further. The latest Xperia comes all alone in the box, as the parent company isn’t even offering a cable, a SIM card tool, or papers. That’s right, the only thing you’ll find inside is the phone itself and nothing more.

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