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Samsung Launches the Galaxy S22 Bora Purple

While all eyes are on the next-generation Samsung foldables, which should see daylight next month, the South Korean company still wants to keep its existing flagships as fresh as possible.

This is why Samsung occasionally unveils new color versions of its top devices, with the Galaxy S22 receiving a lot of love in this regard.

This week, for example, the company announced a new purple edition of the Galaxy S22. Called Bora Purple, the new color will become available starting next month, Samsung says.

“From light and playful to dark and bold, many shades of purple have resonated through the ages in different ways — as they have through Samsung’s palette. With the Orchid Gray Samsung Galaxy S8, the Lilac Purple Galaxy S9, the Violet S22 series and the Lavender Z Flip 3, purple has been a hallmark of Galaxy’s signature style. To extend purple’s heritage, which goes hand-in-hand with Galaxy’s philosophy, we introduce our newest shade: Bora Purple. “Bora” is the Korean… (read more)

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