Samsung Internet Copies a Highly Criticized Apple Feature

Samsung Internet Browser is one of the best browsers currently available on mobile devices, and the South Korean company is constantly looking into ways to further refine the experience with the app.

As a result, the beta build of Samsung Internet is regularly updated with new features, though the latest release comes with a surprising change that many may not be a big fan of.

The address bar has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom, as part of a change that’s supposed to make the browser easier to use with just one hand.

At the first glance, this makes perfect sense, especially because the screen size of Samsung’s devices is continuously increasing.

Not Apple’s idea though

But on the other hand, moving the address bar from the top to the bottom is happening literally just a few months after Apple did the same thing. And in Apple’s world, this idea hasn’t necessarily been well received by the iPhone fanbase, so the company eventua… (read more)

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