Samsung in Panic Mode as Galaxy S20 Doesn’t Sell

Samsung isn’t pleased with the way the Galaxy S20 is selling, according to a recent report, as the market performance of its new flagship is much lower as compared to the one of the previous model.

The Galaxy S20 was announced in February at a time when the coronavirus pandemic was yet to expand to the entire world. But when sales of the device officially started, the COVID-19 was already keeping people inside in a bigger number of countries.

So if we mix the coronavirus impact and the high price of the Galaxy S20, it’s really not difficult to see why the new Android phone isn’t selling exactly as anticipated.

Samsung, however, is worried that these figures could drop even more, especially some of its largest markets in Europe, as well as the United States, are still in lockdown due to the virus outbreak.

Major drop for all Samsung units

People close to the matter who spoke to the read more)

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