Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Could Lack One of the Most Anticipated Features

The battle in the smartwatch field is pretty fierce right now, and while the Apple Watch is dominating the market, Samsung keeps investing in all kinds of innovations that sometimes make the Galaxy Watch look like a much more advanced option.

This year, for example, the South Korean company is expected to come up with a body temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch 5, something that Apple has reportedly tried but failed to make happen.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is projected to launch in the summer, and of course, Samsung has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to this device.

Samsung 0, Apple 1

But according to well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the highly anticipated body temperature sensor might not make its way to the Galaxy Watch this year.

This is because just like Apple, Samsung is struggling to make this feature meet higher requirements, so it may not be ready by the time the Galaxy Watch sees the daylight.

Meanwhile, Kuo s… (read more)

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