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Samsung Fined for Misleading Water Resistance Claims on Galaxy S Phones

Samsung’s Australian unit has been fined $9.65 million for misleading customers about the water resistance of its Galaxy S phones, according to an announcement from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

According to the press release, the false claims concerned a series of Samsung phones like the S7, S7 Edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), S8, S8 Plus and Note 8. In total, over 3.1 million Galaxy phones that came with misleading water resistance claims were sold in Australia.

As it turns out, Samsung run a series of advertisements, including online and in physical stores, to tell users that using Galaxy phones in pools or sea water wouldn’t damage the device.
Customers, however, discovered the hard way that this wasn’t true, as some devices ended up being broken down after getting submerged in water.

According to the ACCC, even Samsung… (read more)

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