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Samsung details big plans ahead of Galaxy Unpacked in August

Samsung is pulling out all of the stops with the promotion of its Galaxy Unpacked event that will take place on August 10. The company started small with a cryptic message, then began with little tidbits, before launching its official event trailer. While generally, this wouldn’t be too exciting, the video not only gave us a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 but also of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Along with the new trailer, the company has outlined special events that will take place leading up to the main event, some even taking place in the real world.

During its initial announcement, Samsung stated that its Galaxy Unpacked event would take place virtually. While this is mostly true, the firm is going to have physical spaces where people will get to physically experience the phones. The events will take place in London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s Meatpacking District. The event will not only be for journalists, but it will also be for fans and partners.

Samsung is going all out

Samsung is once again partnering with BTS to promote its handsets. The group will release a special music video for its song “Yet to Come” which will be broadcast to iconic video screens across the world like the ones found in New York’s Times Square. Of course, this isn’t everything that’s coming down the pipeline, but just a small sample. Like any Galaxy handset release, Samsung is making sure to take the world by storm.

If interested in either of the handsets that will be announced, be sure to put in your reservation prior to the start of the event to get special bonus incentives. You can be eligible for up to $200 in credits.

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