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Saints Row Review (PS5)

Saints Row became synonymous with the open world experience that tries to offer mindless fun, by taking the jokes, the story, the characters, and the combat more and more into the realm of ridiculous. In the latest episodes, the developers tried every over-the-top trick they could think of just to attract the attention of gamers. No topic remained sacred, and the cast of original characters managed to conquer not just the White House, but also hell. Now the story continues with a reboot and a new Saints Criminal Empire with updated cultural references.

To top the latest adventures of the 3rd Street Saints would have been a very tall order, so it is no surprise that the developers from Volition chose to reboot the series. they chose new characters much more in touch with the times we live in, a new origin story and they toned down the extreme approach, positioning the new game close to the second episode. The result, simply called Saints Row, is a mixed bag of candi… (read more)

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