Rust Adds “Softcore” Mode For A Slightly Gentler Survival Experience

The notoriously brutal survival game Rust has gotten a little bit softer, with the addition of a new game mode that lets you take it easy. Well, easier. The new mode has a number of changes aimed at more casual players, either to entice more players to join or just let the existing player base relax once in a while.

As detailed in the announcement, the changes make death a little less punishing, and help make you less of a target. When you’re killed, you can reclaim half of your inventory either where you died or at a Reclaim terminal. (Items left there will expire after two hours). You can only view the inventory contents of wounded players. You can also spawn at the Bandit Town or any Outpost safezones, and the maximum team size in Softcore mode is four players.

There will be 10 servers to launch with the update and run the Softcore mode, but developer Facepunch assures players that the majority of servers will continue running the standard vanilla Rust experience.

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