Rounded Tabs and Mica Make Their Way to Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

Microsoft Edge is a browser that is continuously evolving, and as far as Windows 11 users are concerned, the application is feeling at home on Microsoft’s operating system.

And this makes perfect sense given it’s a Microsoft app on a Microsoft operating system, but the software giant is also hard at work on improving Edge in such a way that it would perfectly align with Windows 11.

The most recent test that’s currently running in the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge includes rounded tabs and Mica for the browser.

As spotted by FireCube and shared on Twitter, the new visual improvements are not enabled by default in the latest Edge Canary build, so users need to activate them manually if they want to try them out.

As a matter of fact, these updates not yet live for users by default is an indication that the work on Mica and the rounded tabs in Microsoft Edge is still in the early days. If… (read more)

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