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Rough Justice: ’84 Preview (PC)

Solving a protection racket problem by applying force, assisted by the use of a gun, is a great way to make money from a contract while targeting the bonus from a critical success. Isabella Loren might not look threatening, but she packs serious physical strength, with her valiant effort bringing in more than 200 dollars. This means I can get another agent and open up another set of cases to deal with, for bigger rewards and bonuses.

Rough Justice: ‘84 is developed by Gamma Minus UG and set to arrive before the end of the year. The game uses boardgame-inspired mechanics to create a dice and mini-game-powered strategy experience.

In the city of Seneca crime is on the rise and the police are unable to cope. So, players form their own private security agency, dealing with a variety of cases, trying to complete challenges and make money. The overall quality of the writing is decent but not spectacular.

The gameplay is focused on agents and the cases they can take on. … (read more)

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