Rocket League Sideswipe Brings Car-Soccer Action To Mobile

Rocket League is finally making the jump to mobile–sort of–with a new standalone game. Rocket League Sideswipe was made from the ground up for mobile, offering faster matches designed for touchscreen controls. And just like its big sibling, the new game from Psyonix will be completely free.

Launching later this year, Rocket League Sideswipe moves the perspective to the side (hence the name) in order to make it more intuitive on a smaller, touch-based screen. The matches last two minutes and can be played either one-on-one or with two teammates on each side. It should be a little bit easier for newcomers to pick up and play, though longtime Rocket League players will also see how it translates the gameplay to a different perspective. They’ll also have access to competitive ranks to really show off their skills.

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