Rocket League Season 3 Is Now Live, Full Patch Notes Released

Rocket League’s Season 3 content is now live on all platforms, and it’s available as a server-side update without a download on your part. Season 3 features the new Rocket Pass, a new arena, new tournaments, and new challenges to complete. You can see the full patch notes now.

As part of the Season 3 Rocket Pass, the new Tyranno vehicle will be available. It makes use of the Dominus hitbox, based on the vehicle released as DLC several years ago. The new arena DFH Stadium (Circuit) is available across free play, online playlists, and private matches, as well. The season will also feature Nascar and F1 content.

Pro tiers have been adjusted in order to remove “uncertainty from in-game purchases,” according to Psyonix. This means consistent rewards for all players, and making those rewards visible before you unlock them.

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