Robert Downey Jr. Offers Stephen Colbert A Lame Part In The Avengers

On a recent Late Show appearance, guest Robert Downey Jr. pitched and offered host Stephen Colbert a role in The Avengers. Instead of having Colbert step in to replace Downey Jr. as Iron Man (the latter made it clear last year he’s “done all [he] could with that character”), he’s got something much more lame and hilarious in mind. Check out the appearance–cued up to this specific exchange–in the video below.

“There’s an opening, right?” says Downey Jr., teasing about his departure as Iron Man. “Cobie Smulders plays Agent Hill, sometimes Commander Hill. I thought if she needed a weekend assistant, right? Cap Colbert. You have a baseball cap, and when you wear it you possess the superpower that no man has. You can multitask and you can take care of all her stuff.”

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