Riders Republic Review (PS5)

If you’ve ever played Steep, then the concept Riders Republic is based on certainly sounds compelling. Ubisoft has managed not only to borrow and improve the idea that helped give birth to Steep but also to bring it to a level that allows Riders Republic to provide an insanely fun and always-fresh gaming experience regardless of the platform.

This may sound like a conclusion, but this is exactly the promise that you should have in mind when installing Riders Republic.

Like the majority of Ubisoft’s latest titles, Riders Republic comes with its very own pros and cons, though this time, I believe there is so much to love about this game that you should just ignore the rest.

And here’s why.

First and foremost, the graphics. It’s pretty clear from the very beginning that Ubisoft just wanted Riders Republic to look good. And yeah, they certainly managed to do it right, so everything looks super-polished, from your bike to the scenery and pretty much every single item … (read more)

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